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At Last!

Hey everyone!

I just want to say that I am excited to announce the release of my first book! The Map: Book One of the Edwina Chronicles is available on Kindle! If you haven't already, please give it a read and a review?

This process has taken a little more than three years and it has involved a lot of learning. When I started this I didn't even know if I could finish an entire manuscript. I'd always written short five to ten page beginnings of books, or jotted down scenes that just came to mind, for almost as long as I have been able to write (if you can call what I scribble handwriting). But one night when taking notes for a class in my masters program, my girlfriend (soon to be wife) noted that I kept switching documents and realized one was a story. After a great deal of prodding I explained what I was doing and she simply said "you should write a book."

It's been very difficult, working towards the goal of sharing my imagination with the world, understanding that "the world" probably isn't going to read it, but knowing that the few who would, will have insight into my mind. They will gain a little piece of me that had been all my own since I was little. It's a strange feeling, one I recommend. I recommend it only because even if only five people read your work, or five thousand people read it, you are showing them what your mind is capable of. It is both sobering and mildly intoxicating, primarily because it shows the world a little bit of what you think of it. Inevitable our expressions, whatever form they may take, are a reflection of the existence.

At any rate I will not burden you any further with my musing. All I can say is that this is a big day for someone who never even thought anything would come from the words they were writing on the page. I appreciate the support and the love, know that this story is the first of many and I will keep you all updated on what is to come. Remember that life is a story that is only interesting so long as you keep turning pages.

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