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Born and raised in Denver, Colorado David Charles has been fascinated with the art of storytelling from a very young age. Possessing an active and fruitful imagination, David has found inspiration for his work from a well traveled life, full of varied experiences. He seeks to share his imagination with the world that inspires it.


The Map

August 21st, 2020

The Map is book one of three in the premier series from David Charles. A tale of adventure, excitement and most of all hope against all odds. Charles hopes to let the reader escape to a world outside of the day to day and get lost in a good story.

In a galaxy ravaged by war and genocide one man is on a mission for redemption. Captain Ashley Odessa Cumberge has stolen a top secret military project and is going up against the institution he once served, in a gambit to save the galaxy he helped destroy. Follow the captain as he seeks out a crew to join him aboard his ship, the Edwina, on a mission that will take them across the galaxy in the hopes that against all odds a soldier, a pilot, a mechanic and a dog can change the course of history. 


“Write what you want to write and someone will want to read it.”

Alejandro Estrada




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